China Medical


China Medical is a Cayman Islands holding company with subsidiaries in BVI, Hong Kong and the PRC.

KRyS Global was appointed liquidator of China Medical jointly with an insolvency firm in Hong Kong to investigate the loss of approximately $600 million (allegedly misappropriated) and to recover the related assets.

KRyS Global used subpoena and court powers to obtain millions of documents from third parties and service providers to progress its investigations. The documents had to be reviewed, categorised and analysed to piece together the chronology of events and parties involved.


A litigation database, hosted on “Relativity” and provided by KRyS Global’s forensic technology services team, was chosen to store the documents and allowed for a systematic and thorough review.

Documents were reviewed, flagged for relative importance and categorised to support the litigation strategy.

Value Added:

The analysis and review was completed securely by staff in multiple jurisdictions simultaneously more efficiently than would have been possible reviewing hard copy documents.

The process used by KRyS Global secured the integrity, chain of custody, and control of the electronic documents preserving their admissibility for future litigation.

In addition, time and cost savings were achieved by hosting the data “in-house”.