At KRyS Global our experienced professionals act quickly and discreetly to provide clients with relevant and essential information necessary to make decisions.

Working in conjunction with the our global network of contacts, we can gather background information and business intelligence virtually anywhere in the world, including those jurisdictions where public records are sparse. Businesses considering mergers, acquisitions, strategic relationships or investments need accurate information about entities and their executives and the potential risks that they may present. We provide companies, financial services institutions, law firms, and government agencies with comprehensive reporting tailored to meet their specific requests and requirements.

If fraud is suspected, companies often require in-depth background investigations to unravel the problem. We perform background investigations of parties suspected of wrongdoing, searches for conflicts of interest and undisclosed business affiliations. We seek to uncover asset ownership information, financial, legal, regulatory or criminal problems or links to organized crime.

As a part of our corporate recovery and litigation support services, we assist clients by investigating asset ownership and opposing parties and their experts to help find facts relevant to claims and defences. Information developed can expand the scope of the recovery matter or litigation.