Mathew Clingerman

Managing Director
Location: Bermuda

Mathew Clingerman has over 15 years experience in financial services in major markets with a focus on cross-border insolvency, restructuring, investigations, and litigation.

He has led an array of offshore court supervised insolvencies focused on resolving stakeholder issues by agreement and statutory measures. His cases have deployed creative solutions to unlock and return value to creditors earlier than expected. He has experience establishing cooperative protocols with foreign representatives in joint appointments and parallel proceedings. In working with leading legal counsel, his cases have obtained formal recognition in several foreign courts including in the US, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands, and Cyprus.

Outside insolvency, Mat has worked with private sector and regulators on numerous regulatory reviews including Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing compliance evaluations. He has investigated investment frauds and other asset misappropriation schemes. His cases have pursued wrongdoers through well-developed litigation strategies resulting in asset recovery through judicial enforcements and settlements. He has led expert witness assignments tracing hundreds of millions in assets through European, American, and Asian financial institutions. He has acted as an expert witness and given testimony in financial damage quantification matters and in high net worth divorces.


Starting his career in public accounting as auditor in Chicago’s financial services sector, he went on to add qualifications as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), and to become a Fellow from INSOL International. He is a committee member and secretary for Bermuda’s Restructuring and Insolvency Specialist Association and a Recommended Expert in the category of Restructuring & Insolvency Advisers by Who’s Who Legal.


  • Mat brings to bear an ideal mix of critical thinking and practical experience in order to address complex problems.
  • Diligent and thorough, he quickly understands and identifies the core issues around the problem and asks the hard questions to draw out the relevant facts and information needed to reach a resolution.
  • Stakeholders benefit from his unwavering approach, logical analysis and assertive leadership.