Mathew Clingerman

Managing Director
Location: Bermuda

Diligent and thorough, Mathew quickly understands and identifies the core issues around the problem and asks the hard questions to draw out the relevant facts and information needed to reach a resolution.  Starting his career as an auditor and subsequently obtaining his Fellow from INSOL International, Matt brings the right touch of professional skepticism along with practical experience in understanding and addressing complex difficulties.  Stakeholders benefit from his unwavering approach, logical analysis and assertive leadership.  Where fact finding and diagnosis are required, he is able to connect all of the dots to determine the complete story, therefore discovering all possible avenues for pursuing asset recoveries where losses have occurred.


  • Mathew transforms seemingly disparate information into insightful and understandable analysis.
  • I was impressed by his positive approach, useful analysis and commitment to the project.
  • His ability to think outside the box adds value through the delivery of thoughtful and innovative solutions.