KRyS Global was appointed as liquidators over Fairfield, a BVI based fund, which had invested in the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme and suffered a net loss of $6 billion.

At the time of KRyS Global’s appointment, the fund was the subject of litigation by the US Chapter 11 bankruptcy trustee for Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities and had no unencumbered assets. Initial inquiries determined that for any assets to be distributed to investors, a litigation driven strategy would need to be pursued.

KRyS Global collected over one million documents from various sources, including Fairfield’s former directors, administrators, auditors, custodian and investment manager. These documents needed to be held in a secure manner and made available to certain parties, located in various jurisdictions around the world.


Utilising the Relativity review platform, KRyS Global was able to leverage Data Analytics to reduce the voluminous document corpus into smaller, more manageable document categories, which helped provide context.

Advanced keyword searches were performed on all the documents located in one database, revealing document associations that otherwise would have been missed.

Our technology further allowed KRyS Global to collaborate with outside counsel on reviewing documents from various jurisdictions, whilst ensuring the documents were maintained in a secure environment.

Value Added:

The strategic use of data analytics and sophisticated search syntax, and the collaborative effort between the KRyS Global team and legal counsel enabled KRyS Global to provide data hosting services at a lower price than other service providers. Additionally, having the expertise “in-house” to upload, analyse, and search the documents meant improved efficiency and lower overall costs.