KRyS Global is the brand used by a group of associated consulting firms, each of which practices in its own right and is an independent legal entity, and comprised of Krys & Associates Cayman Ltd., Krys & Associates (BVI) Ltd., Krys & Associates (Bermuda) Ltd., Krys Global (Guernsey) Ltd., Krys Global HK Ltd., Krys & Associates Singapore Pte. Ltd., Krys Global (UK) Limited and Krys Global USA, Inc. The brand and trademark KRyS Global and other intellectual property rights used by members of the group is owned by Krys & Associates Cayman Ltd.

Employees of KRyS Global may as a term of their contract act as compulsory liquidators, voluntary liquidators, receivers, administrators, other court appointed roles or directors. While these roles normally are personal in nature, to the extent the employees of KRyS Global are undertaking such roles as servants and agents of the entities, they shall incur no personal liability by reason of their appointment and any such liability is expressly excluded. Such liability to the extent one is determined falls on the legal entity for which they are employed or was contracted to undertake the assignment.