Founded in 2007 in the Cayman Islands, KRyS Global is an international asset recovery firm with an expertise in offshore focused fraud investigations, cross-border insolvency and restructurings, and litigation support. The firm has grown to over 30 outstanding professionals working from seven offices worldwide, predominantly situated in offshore financial centres, KRyS Global has built an enviable reputation for timely, proactive and innovative solutions, particularly in situations of uncertainty, leveraging the knowledge and experience of our professionals and incorporating practical common sense in ensuring positive outcomes for our clients.

All of our service lines have an ultimate focus on achieving positive outcomes and recoveries for our clients and stakeholders: whilst many of our professionals hold accountancy qualifications we do not offer audit or tax advisory services. We prefer to avoid conflicts of interests and we value the independence and free-thinking that empowers.

Although many of our professionals are experienced in dealing with contentious and non-contentious insolvencies and restructurings, we are not a traditional firm of “insolvency practitioners”. Our cases often require that we utilize our full suite capabilities and skills to make recoveries for stakeholders.

We also invest heavily in ensuring that our people have in-house access to the most cutting edge digital forensic and e-discovery tools. Coupled with the local fraud investigation expertise and knowledge, our clients can rely upon being best placed to get a favourable result.

Our competitors tend to be the international accounting firms: some managed from their onshore headquarters with little awareness of local knowledge. These behemoths simply cannot offer the nimble, hands on approach which we can to our client’s problems. We live, work and operate within the offshore world: this is what we do.

And, in all that we do, we are relentless in continuously striving to be innovators within our field. We are a unique firm offering sophisticated but practical solutions to complex issues. Our approach and the successful outcomes our clients enjoy are unrivalled.

Our corporate vision is:

  • To be the most effective and sought after offshore asset recovery firm with an expertise in offshore focused fraud investigations, cross-border insolvency and restructurings, and litigation support.
  • To approach each matter with creativity, objectivity and lateral thinking while identifying practical strategies and resolutions.
  • To encourage our teams to be relentless, forward-thinking and challenge each member to provide services that exceed our Clients’ expectations.
  • Commitment to being the global leader in our industry, delivering results and achieving exceptional value for our Clients.


We have positioned our offices thoughtfully and pragmatically to suit the needs of our clients.

Governors Square | Building 3 | Ground Floor
23 Lime Tree Bay Avenue
PO Box 31237 | Grand Cayman | KY1-1205
Cayman Islands

fax +1 345 946 6728

Neil Dempsey

E: Neil.Dempsey@KRyS-Global.com
D: +1 345 947 4700
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Commerce House | 2nd Floor
181 Main Street | Road Town
PO Box 930 | Tortola | VG1110
British Virgin Islands

fax +1 284 494 7169

Greig Mitchell

Managing Director
E: Greig.Mitchell@KRyS-GLOBAL.COM
D: +1 284 393 1762
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Chancery Hall | 1st Floor
52 Reid Street, Hamilton | HM 12
PO Box 671 | HM CX

fax +1 441 292 0826

Mathew Clingerman

Managing Director
E: Mathew.Clingerman@KRyS-Global.com
D: +1 441 292 0818
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La Plaiderie Chambers, 3rd Floor
La Plaiderie, St Peter Port

fax +44 1481 710 244

Timothy Le Cornu

Managing Director
E: Timothy.LeCornu@KRyS-Global.com
D: +44 1481 711 211
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31st Floor
40 Bank Street
E14 5NR
United Kingdom


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60 Paya Lebar Road
#11-37 Paya Lebar Square


Jonathan Ong

D: +65 97891024
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New York
14 Wall Street, 20th Floor
New York City
NY 10005


James Leda

Managing Director
E: JLeda@krysglobalusa.com
D: +1 917 913 5712
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Case studies

We have compiled a selection of our previous work to showcase our strengths and experiences, in cross-border, offshore and onshore cases.

Malitskiy & Filipenko vs. Adamovsky & Stockman Interhold SA

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Her Majesty’s Attorney General v. A Defendant

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