At KRyS Global, our team’s diverse background enables us to provide a range of services and communicate in a multitude of languages to suit the needs of our clients. See how our unique combination of skills can deliver exceptional results.


The languages our people can either speak or write in the languages set out below:



English English
Chinese Chinese


Our people at KRyS Global have skills and expertise in the following areas:

Business Advisory Services

KRyS Global recognizes that constant demands on resources and the dynamic developments in global technologies can affect business. Many organizations have inefficiencies in their core operations that impact their bottom line…

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Business Intelligence Services

At KRyS Global our experienced professionals act quickly and discreetly to provide clients with relevant and essential information necessary to make decisions. Working in conjunction with the our global network…

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Business Valuations & Damages Quantification

Our independent and qualified valuation team provides our clients with accurate and definitive reports. We have notable experience in providing evidence in court on the quantification of losses and damages. The review…

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Cross Border Insolvency

We use an innovative approach to identify solutions unique to the disputes and conflicts that arise in complex, multi-faceted cross-border liquidations and insolvencies. Maximizing the amounts paid to stakeholders is…

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Distressed Asset Sales

Distressed asset sale strategies incorporate a combination of sales tools, network of contacts and a proven track record in guiding clients through the sales process and maximising the net return…

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eDiscovery Services

Litigation can involve large volumes of data and records in various forms and media, we can provide the tools to review these quickly and efficiently, at a price that is economical. As a…

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Forensic Accounting

The professionals at KRyS Global have extensive experience in conducting financial transaction analysis, tracing cash and providing expert forensic evidence. The investigation and analysis of financial transactions is a specialized…

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Forensic Technology Services

Today’s business world increasingly relies on digital transfer and storage of huge volumes of data. Forensic technology plays an essential role in managing that data as a stand-alone service or in support…

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Fraud Investigation & Asset Recovery

Several of our professionals are qualified as Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), and have a wealth of experience in chasing and recovering assets around the world. Working with the team at KRyS Global gives you the best…

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Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

The professionals at KRyS Global work closely with attorneys and other advisors to understand our Clients' expectations and ensure their efforts complement and form part of the seamless service being…

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Personal Injury

Victims of personal injury need professionals who are dedicated to giving them the most practical and competent service during the litigation process. Determination of the losses and damages in personal…

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When parties are in dispute over assets, it is sometimes necessary to bring in an independent party to assume custodial responsibility. Our professionals draw on their extensive experience in evaluating…

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Regulatory Appointments & Inspection

By combining our wealth of regulatory experience with our extensive knowledge and unparalleled investigative expertise, our Clients benefit from innovative and practical solutions to compliance and money laundering issues. Our management team comprises…

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Restructuring & Transition

Since the 2008 global financial crisis, directors and managers of financial services companies, hedge funds and other investment vehicles, have struggled to address the fall-out from the recession. Our integrated…

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