Office of the Complaints Commissioner


Customers of a local airline in the Cayman Islands made numerous complaints that the airline had improperly increased the prices of flights around the time of Hurricane Ivan.

The OCC retained KRyS Global to investigate the complaints and report its findings.


With its Early Case Assessment tools, and its document review platform, KRyS Global quickly identified the relevant data, and consequently performed a thorough review of the airline’s pricing system and related them to bookings traffic at the time of the price increases to assess how and why the prices had been increased, and who authorised such increases.

It was determined that the increase in prices had occurred as a result of a computer glitch.

Value Added:

KRyS Global culled documents by dates, file names, and file types, and removed non-relevant known files, reducing the cost of honing in on the relevant documents. Our forensic analysts were then able to investigate the systems and make an assessment, identifying the error that caused the complaints, within the reporting deadline.

Those who overpaid for flights were subsequently refunded the excess price.