Valgardson v. Chestnut


The plaintiff was injured in a motor vehicle accident and suffered personal injuries. The plaintiff’s injury prevented him from working and resulted in a loss of earnings, as well as the deterioration of the value of his chiropractic business.

Liability had been determined against the defendant and KRyS Global was retained by the plaintiff to provide expert evidence on the damages to be awarded.


KRyS Global conducted an analysis and estimated the damages suffered by the plaintiff, including the diminution of the value of the plaintiff’s share in his chiropractic business, as well as loss of annual earnings.

KRyS Global submitted its report and provided expert testimony in court, on the basis of which damages were awarded.

Value Added:

The damages awarded were approximately the amount KRyS Global had determined, which demonstrates the usefulness of KRyS Global’s expert report and testimony to the court in making its assessment of the damages due.