KRyS Global and Global Partners, BTG Global Advisory, Ideally Positioned to Advise and Provide Strategies Relating to the Panama Papers

Stakeholders and indviduals interested in more information about opportunities related to the Panama Papers should download Paper Chase, a pdf.

Contact Kenneth Krys or Kevin Haywood Crouch, to explore how we can assist.

KRyS Global, together with our partners at BTG Global Advisory, are one of the world’s largest alliances providing extensive specialist expertise in relation to fraud and forensic investigation, asset tracing litigation support, and expert witness services in key offshore and onshore locations.  Our team of market leaders have an international outlook, which reflects the increasingly global nature of business as well as effectively assessing any pending litigation or asset recoveries that may result from this newly released information.  Using our proven investigative skills, coupled with innovative solutions and remedies, we can maximise recoveries and quickly achieve results.