Private Remedies in a Regulatory Regime

E-Blast Ken Private Remedies Presentation 01

Kenneth Krys, Executive Chairman and Founder of KRyS Global, along with co-panelist Jonathan Krieger of Grant Thornton Toronto, provided a presentation on third party private remedies at the 2017 OSC Enforcement Conference held in Hockley, Ontario, Canada. The conference, aptly titled Follow the Money, covered such topics as asset recovery: private remedies and cross-border issues, intelligence partnerships and international relationships, forensic accounting and international fund flows, FinTech, data analytics in investigations, civil and criminal forfeiture, cybercrimes and the cyber investigation process, and whistleblowers. The audience of 100 attendees was made up of securities enforcement Staff from across Canada and other countries/regions in Europe, the Caribbean, Australia and Asia as well as law enforcement personnel from the RCMP, OPP, and other regional services.

Ken explained the process that occurs offshore citing some of the practical and legal challenges that come with investigating regulatory breaches offshore in the context of regulatory appointments and liquidations. He also provided attendees with some of the remedies available to address those hurdles and gave examples from a successful assignment the Firm was involved in which had both Canadian and Cayman regulatory concerns.

More information on KRyS Global’s regulatory and cross-border experience can be found on our website.