Project Nest


KRyS Global was engaged as an independent expert by counsel for a party whose assets were subjected to freezing orders following criminal allegations of the party’s involvement in several hundred million dollars worth of improper transactions. The party’s business dealings over the relevant period were voluminous and sophisticated involving over 100,000 transactions (banking, currency, and securities trades) supplemented by interconnected leverage techniques (swaps, repos, securities lending) across multiple institutions both onshore and offshore.


We were instructed to among other things, to identify the sources of certain financing transactions by tracing those transactions backwards through multiple layers of banking and securities accounts, to determine and quantify the assets of the party that had been generated through legitimate business activity, and to examine the allegedly improper transactions including to determine the beneficiaries of those transactions by tracing the proceeds.

Value Added:

The client was facing several urgent deadlines for submission of expert evidence. We brought our expertise and knowledge of securities and investment transactions to bear to produce clear and comprehensive independent reports supported by robust detailed analysis. The matter is ongoing.