KRyS Global to Speak at UNCITRAL Panel

KRyS Global’s Managing Director Angela Barkhouse will be participating in a panel at the forthcoming participation in The International Colloquium on Civil Asset Tracing and Recovery in December, to be held after the fifty-sixth session of Working Group V (Insolvency Law) of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). Organized by the UNCITRAL secretariat, the colloquium aims to further clarify and refine aspects of the Commission’s possible work on civil asset tracing and recovery, for consideration by the Commission at its fifty-third session, in 2020.

The Colloquium will consider the elements of a possible toolkit on asset tracing and recovery and supplement the existing background study with information on the practices of civil law jurisdictions. The Colloquium will also: (a) examine both criminal and civil law tracing and recovery; (b) consider tools developed for insolvency law and for other areas of law; and (c) discuss proposed asset tracing and recovery tools and other international instruments.

Experts in both criminal and civil law tracing and recovery have been invited to explain asset tracing and recovery tools developed in various jurisdictions, differences between them, any problems arising from those differences and existing measures to overcome those problems.

Angela’s panel will focus on asset tracing and recovery in various fields of law with reference to applicable international treaties and other texts and work of international organizations with representatives from Unidroit, UNODC, World Bank, the Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR), and the HccH (Hague Conference on Private International Law). Her expertise was sought following previous attendances and contributions to the international discourse on international asset tracing and recovery, particularly in relation to investigating corruption cases and recovering stolen sovereign wealth.