UK Based Litigation Case Study


A law firm involved in a high profile, multi-jurisdiction, complex civil case litigated in the UK approached KRyS Global to assist in complying with the production of documents in accordance with a disclosure agreement within a strict and limited timeframe. The relevant documents comprised of emails and electronic documents that KRyS Global collected from various sources and locations, including Office 365, file servers, and forensic images. The law firm also possessed hardcopy paper documents.


KRyS Global immediately dispatched its London based forensic analysts to collect the electronically stored information and capture the other records.
Once the documents were collected, KRyS Global was requested to identify the relevant documents for the attorneys to review. Applying global de-duplication, date culling, domain filtering, and keyword searches, we identified potentially relevant documents, which we hosted in Relativity, the industry leading review platform. We then used data analytics tools including email threading to disregard redundant emails and further reduce the review set. Leveraging BrainSpace, the most advanced Technical Assisted Review (TAR) solution, to analyse the data allowed the attorneys to review only relevant documents for privilege.

Value Added:

The work conducted by our certified forensic analysts, their rapid response, and ability to process large volumes of data was critical to the success of the attorneys in completing their review in a proficient and accurate manner, and in meeting the production deadline. In addition, by reducing the volume of hosted documents, and strategically enhancing the document review, we achieved significant savings in the overall costs of the disclosure.