Kenneth Krys to Provide Insight on Locating Assets of Overseas Manufacturers and Suppliers

Our own Kenneth Krys will be speaking at the upcoming CLE webinar Product Liability Claims Against Overseas Manufacturers and Suppliers Lacking Presence or Assets in the U.S.: How Businesses Outsourcing Production Protect Themselves and What Injured Plaintiffs Can Do To Recover, to be held on December 15th. Mr. Krys’ diverse experience and perspective in pursuing assets and untangling the web that can arise from complex offshore structures and limited information. His efforts have resulted in recovering billions in assets over the years.

This CLE webinar will discuss what U.S. businesses that manufacture overseas must do from the beginning to ensure that their contracts with overseas manufacturers are enforceable, that the overseas manufacturer complies with negotiated terms, and that U.S. companies are indemnified for injuries incurred by the product’s end users. The program will then discuss how plaintiffs that wish to recover from non-domestic defendants for products liability or other personal injuries can best position themselves for successful recovery when the defendant has no assets or presence in the U.S.

Those who are interested in attending are encouraged to sign up at