Jonathan Ong to discuss Impact of Insolvency Proceedings on Real Estate

KRyS Global’s Jonathan Ong will be speaking at the Knight Frank Auctions & Sales Webinar, being held on the 26th of March from 3-5 PM. In this webinar, Jonathan Ong will discuss how and why assets go into liquidation, as well as the impact of COVID-19 on individual & corporate insolvencies.

While government measures have helped cushion the impact of COVID-19, businesses who are unable to pivot their business after the 1 year period may face restructuring under a formal insolvency process or closure. Mr. Jonathan Ong will be providing an overview of various insolvency proceedings and weighing the key considerations to decide on the course of action. He will also discuss the real estate process under a formal insolvency proceeding, evaluating the legal and practical considerations from the perspective of an insolvency practitioner.

Registration for this event is open until the 24th, and can be found here: