KRyS Global Senior Manager Accepted for Candidacy of III NextGen Leadership Program

KRyS Global is pleased to announce that Michael Lam of the Cayman Islands office has been accepted for candidacy of the International Insolvency Institute’s (III) NextGen Leadership Program.

The III is a non-profit, limited-membership organisation dedicated to advancing and promoting insolvency as a respected discipline in the international field. Its primary objectives include improving international co-operation in the insolvency area and achieving greater co-ordination among nations in multinational business reorganisations and restructurings. The NextGen Leadership Program’s objective is to create an interest, informative and valuable environment for younger professionals and academics which will provide them with an opportunity to liaise with the best people in the world in the insolvency area, the Members of the III.

Kenneth Krys, Founder & Executive Chairman, stated “KRyS Global has a history of supporting our professionals and the NextGen Leadership program. Michael will join a prestigious group of our team to be part of this program.”

Michael will be attending the III’s 22nd Annual Conference in Toronto, Canada, where he will be inducted into the III NextGen Leadership Program. Please reach out to Michael to arrange a meeting when he is in Toronto during 7 and 8 September 2022.