Farooq Mann

Founder and Director, Mann & Associates
Location: Singapore

Mr Farooq Ahmad Mann is the founder and director with of, M/s MANN & ASSOCIATES PAC, Chartered Accountants of Singapore.

He has also undertaken investigations as Liquidator into insolvent trading, unfair preference payments, uncommercial loans, undervalue transactions, public examinations and recovery actions and legal proceedings to recover assets for the benefit of creditors under a range of insolvency administrations, including Bankrupt Estates and the preparation of investigative reports for financiers and creditors. Mr. Mann provides advice on and accepts appointments to both corporate and personal insolvency matters.

At present, Mr. Mann has almost 21 years of full-time experience in Insolvency matters having been appointed as Liquidator, Provisional Liquidator, Judicial Manager, Receiver and Manager, Private Trustee in Bankruptcy and as a Nominee in personal voluntary arrangement matters. In connection with his experience in Insolvency practice, he has been appointed as Liquidator, Provisional Liquidator and Receiver and Manager in some high profile insolvencies and estates having substantial assets.

Mr. Mann has been involved in special work including financial investigations and preparation of business valuations. He has also been involved in examining and reporting on financial aspects of disputes of various kinds including claims for loss profits from business disruption, shareholders’ dispute, matrimonial disputes and valuations of entities and shareholdings of stakeholders in such entities.

His litigation support experience includes the preparation of expert reports, attending Court to provide expert witness testimony on various accounting and forensic investigation related matters as well as contested valuation matters. This aspect of his experience has also required Mr. Mann to participate in hot-tubbing sessions in Court with experts of opposing parties and/or working with opposing experts in assisting the Court on the areas of agreement and areas of dispute between experts.

Mr. Mann’s has experience in the following types of insolvency matters:-

  • Members’ and Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidations;
  • Court Appointed Liquidations;
  • Provisional Liquidations;
  • Judicial Management;
  • Receivership;
  • Schemes of Arrangement;
  • Personal Bankruptcy matters;
  • Voluntary