Project Apocalypse


The Cayman regulator was provided with the computer of the CEO of a local securities broker, which was alleged to contain information regarding a Ponzi scheme.


KRyS Global was retained by the regulator to investigate the information on the computer and report back any findings of irregularities.

Upon gaining access to the computer, KRyS Global secured the data by logically imaging the hard drive, and ensuring its integrity for the purposes of potential future litigation, conducted a forensically sound analysis of the information contained therein, which included a meticulous chain of custody procedure, checksum verification, pre-process data extraction, date filter and full text search.

KRyS Global provided its report to the regulator that identified numerous irregularities.

Value Added:

As a result of the KRyS Global report, the securities broker was subsequently put into liquidation and the evidence that had been secured during the KRyS Global investigation formed an integral part of the further investigations and litigation subsequently undertaken by the liquidators.