Today’s business world increasingly relies on digital transfer and storage of huge volumes of data. Forensic technology plays an essential role in managing that data as a stand-alone service or in support of asset tracing, fraud investigation and litigation support.

Our forensic technology services include, data mining and analytics, computer forensics, electronic discovery and hosted litigation solutions. These services can be provided on their own or in conjunction with the other service lines KRyS Global offers.

Our experienced professionals include qualified accountants and certified fraud examiners who are cross-trained in computer forensics and database analytics. We uncover evidence by employing advanced statistical and data mining techniques to unlock hidden data as well as detect patterns and anomalies within that data, in effect turning raw data into relevant information. Our team of computer forensics professionals use innovative methods and advanced software applications to process and deliver the solution.

The key to our success is our ability to provide a local support team that is familiar with, and can respond immediately to, the needs unique to offshore investigations. We also regularly work alongside onshore teams in cross-border and multi-party engagements.


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