KRyS Global supports Alex Panton Foundation’s 5th Annual Youth Mental Health Symposium

KRyS Global are delighted to announce it is sponsoring the Alex Panton Foundation’s upcoming Youth Mental Health Symposium, being held on 19 February. Due to COVID restrictions, physical attendance is limited, however the event is being streamed online. Further details can be found on the Foundation’s website (

Cayman office Director Neil Dempsey said, “Suffering from poor mental health has, for far too long, been an issue that people feel the need to hide from others. I am delighted that we are supporting the work done by the Alex Panton Foundation in shining a light on this matter, specifically as it affects young people in our community.”

KRyS Global supports organisations like the Alex Panton Foundation and other that incorporate programmes focused on the development and safekeeping of children; and those that encourage healthy lifestyles and well-being.  For more information on KRyS Global’s community involvement, see