Several of our professionals are qualified as Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), and have a wealth of experience in chasing and recovering assets around the world. Working with the team at KRyS Global gives you the best advantage in recovering stolen assets as a result of fraud.

We understand that lack of documents and the obstacles associated with bank secrecy or confidentiality can create huge hurdles when investigating what happened to assets that were the subject of fraud or misappropriation. By working with our diligent and talented CFEs, you can be assured that every avenue will be investigated, with the best possible outcome as a result.

Driven by a passion for results, our intuitive team provides practical solutions to locating assets and obtaining the swiftest, most prudent and effective means of collecting it. In cases where the asset is long gone, we offer pragmatic assistance in finding other means to recover assets from those who may have abetted in the fraud or those whose failures allowed the fraud to occur.


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